Who's coming as of 09/16/2019

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First Name Name at Graduation Last Name Class Guest(s)
Sophie Asaria 2023 Riyazhassan Asaria, Shannon Asaria
Lily Ballintine 2023 Sherri Ballintine, Daniel Ballintine
Jayden Browne 2023 Jennifer Browne, Sean Browne
Mikayla Carlson 2023 Andrea Carlson, Kevin Carlson
Annika Cleven 2023 Curtis Cleven, Detra (Nelson) Cleven
Jared Daniel 2023 Molly Daniel
Molly Daniel 2023 Jared Daniel
Kenzie Farrell 2023 Robert Farrell, Ellen Farrell
Cali Goulet 2023 Charles Goulet, Karen Goulet
Brynn Hemphill 2023 Kathy Eliason
Jack Howrey 2023 Richard Howrey, Gail Peterson
Kaitlin Johnson 2023 Gregory Johnson, Kelli Johnson
Abbey Kelley-Lanser 2023 Heather Kelley
Riley Mauzer 2023 Michelle Mauzer, Joseph Mauzer
Midori McCarthy 2023 Christopher McCarthy, Laura McCarthy
Parker Miller 2023 Amy Miller, Sonny Miller
Dante Natal 2023 Manuel Natal, Stacy Natal
Maria Newton 2023 Glen Helton, Charlene Helton, Garry Prewitt, Cathi Prewitt
Caroline Padilla 2023 Kelly Padilla
Marie Paxton 2023 Robert Paxton
Sarah Ponto 2023 Jeffery Ponto, Lisa (Rhines) Ponto
Kate Shoemaker 2023 Douglas Shoemaker
Raina Swanson Edson 2023 Sandra Edson
Sarah Teske 2023 John Teske, Rachel Teske
Grace Tilles 2023 Christine Tilles, David Tilles
Jacob Vidervol 2023 Jared Vidervol, Denise Vidervol
Justin Vorndran 2023 Kristina Vorndran, Ronald Vorndran
Clay Wilkens 2023 Pam Wilkens, Matt Wilkens

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