Who's coming as of 09/16/2019

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First Name Name at Graduation Last Name Class Guest(s)
Abby Alwin 2022 Michele Alwin, Kenneth Alwin
Emma Anderson 2022 Caryn Anderson, Timothy Anderson
Danny Barry 2022 Stephen Barry, Catherine Barry
Emma Boehm 2022 Daniel Boehm, Michelle Boehm
Brandon Bunke 2022 Scott Bunke, Kathryn Bunke
Lizzie Fauver 2022 William Fauver, Bernardette Fauver, Ernesto Mendez, James Fauver, Maria Eugenia Mendez
Robb Hallam 2022 Peter Hallam, Suzanne Hallam
Parker Hemphill 2022 Kristin Hemphill, Trevor Hemphill
Kayla LaRue 2022 Jason Spalding, Melissa Spalding, Kim Moore
Madeline Sorenson 2022 Eric Sorenson, Tracey Sorenson
Kirk Stewart 2022 Barbara Griffin, Emma Stewart, Valli Stewart
Jared Vidervol 2022 Jacob Vidervol, Denise Vidervol

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