Who's coming as of 01/22/2020

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First Name Name at Graduation Last Name Class Guest(s)
Amber Avila 2020
Jonah Berthelsen 2020
Jack Coleman 2020 John Coleman
Ryan Dickey 2020 Linda (Magnuson) Dickey, Kirk Dickey
Ross Erickson 2020 Samantha Tisa
Emily Geiger 2020 Debra Geiger, Patrick Geiger
Emily Johnson 2020 Kirk Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Erik Johnson
Ulises Jovel Orantes 2020
Lexis Julsrud-Wertjes 2020 Nicholas Julsrud-Wertjes, Megan Julsrud-Wertjes, Jennifer (julsrud) Julsrud-Wertjes, Angelo Farrow, Larry Wertjes
Jake Keeley 2020 Charles Keeley, Merrill Keeley
Karim Khalid Abdelkarim Mahmoud 2020
Eric Kvasnicka 2020 Solveig Hansen, John Kvasnicka
Teagan Letscher 2020
Or Pansky 2020
Kjell Redpath 2020
Guadalupe Romero 2020
Soren Schwendeman 2020
Samantha Tisa 2020 Ross Erickson
Dakota Williams 2020

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